Engage the Second Season Coach


Engage the Second Season Coach



When you hire the Second Season Coach, your support system is tailored individually and centered around your goals and schedule. It’s for those seeking a more, one-on-one, hands-on support platform for the development of their re-invention plan. Includes one in-person or video-session per month and two bonus sessions. Ongoing coaching access by email, phone, Skype, or FaceTime available to coaching clients.

It also includes full membership benefits to the Second Season Club.

  • Downloadable course curriculum guide
  • Monthly coaching-rich digital message emailed to members
  • Virtual Re-invention Toolkit
  • Access to our private portal for inspiration, quotes, messages
  • Monthly re-invention interviews
  • Periodic webinars, 30-minute online Q&A sessions

Get started today on your personal reinvention journey!