Step Six: Select Your Flock

The best way to set up a discussion about your flock comes from one of my favorite quotes.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” African Proverb

Selecting a support network or flock as you embark on your re-invention journey is the way to build momentum toward your goals. Examine your personal and professional circle with a lens of objectivity, positive energy, and genuine support. Select those people in your life who will become your flock. While making these precious selections, it may also be a good time to purge your network during this second season period.

Who do you want to accompany you on your Re-Invention Journey? List those individuals. Think about individuals who will help you get through your turbulence and headwinds. Add new people to your flock. Follow and build relationships with positive role models, mentors and champions of your re-invention process. Don’t be reluctant to ask for what you need from family and friends. Identify a small circle of kindred spirits that can stay connected to you during your process of re-inventing.

This is your Flock – Identify Them – Take Their Pictures and Post Them So You Can See Them