Step Seven: Approach the Runway

You are ready to approach the runway, but not quite ready to take off.

This is the time to clear the road of debris, obstacles, and interruptions to your re-invention momentum. It’s a good time to adjust your flight plan if necessary. Go back to your original plan. Evaluate the growth you’ve accomplished through the journey thus far. Make a note of the changes you’ve observed as a result of your choices about your reinvention. Then, consider the following reflection questions.

Reflection Questions:

  • Were there unrealistic expectations?
  • Is there too much clutter around you?
  • Was time management a challenge?
  • Is over commitment still an issue?
  • Are you struggling with a mind-set that won’t allow you to release baggage from previous life events?

It will be difficult for you to prepare for take-off before your run-way is ready. What support do you need from your coach and your flock?

Time to Prepare for Landing!