Step Five: Create a Reinvention Flight Plan

Now we can begin your reinvention flight plan!

All the areas you just checked off on your “pre-flight” list will provide the foundation you need to develop your reinvention plan.  Specificity is your best friend in this process. The more specific, detailed, and action-oriented it is, the deeper the level of accountability you’ll be able to create for yourself.

Your plan will include action steps tied to your goals. Don’t shy away from sub-steps, because they’ll test your timeline. Invariably, considerations you didn’t include initially will show up during this process. We’ll go back to adjust your timeline accordingly.

As your reinvention design emerges, you’ll develop a vision for a new lifestyle that impacts all aspects of your life. Take time to consider how the changes you’re making impact your family, and social circles.

I will ask you to monitor your progress weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. It will depend on your Re-Invention timeline.