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Deborah's interactive webinars, speaking engagements and group coaching events are lively and interactive. She shows any audience why life, over time, challenges everyone to reinvent themselves, and how to confront that challenge with confidence. Deborah speaks from her heart and experience coaching hundreds of executives and managers. She works hard to present relevant and practical content in fresh and entertaining way. At the end of her engagements, participants leave with an overview of Deborah's reinvention model and the inspiration to confront career transitions head on. Here are some of her favorite topics.

  • Tips for how to chart your life and career path to gain a deeper understanding of where you are today and why
  • Goal setting: How to create specific goals to envision your success, and appreciate what's at stake in your success
  • Clearing your path to success: assembling the tools to put obstacles behind you, once and for all
  • Establishing a realistic timeline for any accomplishment with an honest assessment of your life holistically
  • Assemble the right resources and get guidance on the path to reinvention
  • Why celebrating success is a central to developing high-performance teams


If you have an event coming up with any audience that might benefit from an entertaining  discussion around topics of self-reinvention, complete the contact form here.