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Choosing the Right Coach for You

Chances are, I've been where you are.

My life is the inspiration and model for Second Season Coaching. I wish I'd had a Second Season Coach during my own life transitions.

I've survived a divorce, death of a spouse, and the loss of both parents. I am a "birth mother" who experienced the pain of living without her child. And, I've experienced the joy of reuniting with him for a unique motherhood journey.  I've coached and mentored hundreds of women through their journeys of loss, recovery, career transition, and renewal. And, I've experienced the gratification of celebrating their triumphs.

I've left the familiarity of home, and started all over in a new region of the country. More than once, I've changed course in my own career to pursue new possibilities. I've traveled the world and discovered opportunities to work internationally. I've taken risks to pursue my dreams, even when the best advice steered me otherwise. I've reinvented myself again and again for growth!

Throughout my life, my abiding ideals have never wavered. I am a committed servant-leader with the compassion that comes only from walking through challenges and pain, from surviving what you think you cannot. I'm honored to take this journey with you, and you can learn more about me here.