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Second Season Coaching helps you navigate and leverage significant life changes from transition to reinvention.

With over 30 years' experience, we offer a personal development journey that empowers you to face challenges head-on, rebuild and reinvent your life. Self-renewal empowers you to claim your greatest opportunities yet.

Deborah Minor Harvey brings insight to every phase of your reinvention from her rich experience at The Right Source, Inc. Drawing from that entrepreneurial adventure and her own life journey, she makes instant connection with almost any audience.

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Navigate unforeseen life changes, and tackle complex transitions with confidence. You'll be guided through a journey of reinvention with the support of a professional coach by your side.
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Get the compassion you deserve, and the one-on-one attention you need for analysis, accountability, and encouragement. You'll get deeper insight into your journey to meet challenges ahead.
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Whether as keynote speaker or group facilitator, Deborah Minor Harvey ignites groups of all sizes. She's a popular speaker on the challenges of reinvention, especially during a second season.
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A second season begins after a significant life change, planned or unplanned. It can be prompted when disenchantment with a career path reaches a tipping point. And often, dramatic lifestyle interruptions create groundbreaking opportunities when you know how to rebuild and reinvent. Whether you're rediscovering yourself after a period of grief, divorce, or loss of a home or job, life offers seasons of renewal and opportunity.

If you've experienced changes that have left you disoriented, stuck in the past, or paralyzed in your goals, Second Season Coaching is for you.  We've helped clients reinvent themselves after:

  • Termination or downsizing from a job
  • Planned or unplanned retirement
  • Forced or voluntary georelocation
  • Resettlement after divorce or separation
  • New career goals after an empty nest
  • Hard-won independence after long-term disability

Please note: Second Season is designed to help guide you through a innovative process of establishing a new direction and reinvention.  It does not offer grief counseling, divorce mediation or counseling, post traumatic therapy, psychological therapy or social services of any kind. Learn more about Second Season here.